jueves, 14 de enero de 2016

Spinning plates.

It's an old circus trick. You try to keep a load of plates spinning on thin sticks. If you forget to give them a shake, they stop spinning and smash to the ground.
A bit like the social media. I am told that I should always be on top of my accounts - Twitter, Facebook, a Blog, a website. On a daily basis preferably. That way I get more likes, more traffic, more exposure.
Allow me to disagree.
If keeping the plates spinning means that I have to air an opinion on everything that goes on in the world, from politics to sporting events via celebrity smalltalk, then I will just let them fall to the ground. If to get more followers I need to tell you what I had for supper, if I am feeling happy or depressed, if I have an appointment with the dentist or if I am off on holiday, then screw the plates.
A photo of me, (who else?), in the shower? My feelings on injustice and the latest Hollywood scandal? My favourite things in general?
I write and compose because I feel moved to do so, not because my intention is to sell my wares and myself to a wider audience. My works are freely available to anyone who is interested. But I have no desire to flaunt MYSELF in your face or to demand your attention. I am not that egocentric. We should be concerned with the art, not the artist.

So these entries will trickle in as always, from time to time. I'll leave the social networking to others.