viernes, 16 de octubre de 2015

Truly the Best Comedy of the Year

Last night I saw the final episode of what must be one of the funniest satires I have seen in a long time - True Detective 2.
Three tormented cops. One with, wait for it, a drink problem and an estranged wife! And a fat kid who is teased at school. But just a second, maybe he isn't your son after all, because your wife was raped around that time, wasn't she. That's right, so you killed the culprit. Only you didn't, because it was the wrong man!
Another cop, a woman in a man's world. Alas she too has a cross to bear. A weird, hippy family background, a hooker sister, a rape that maybe wasn't, or maybe was. How about if she ends up falling in love with the first cop?
And the third one, maybe gay? Gay but hasn't fully accepted it? Bit suicidal, as they all seem to be. Murky past, needless to say.
And the baddies? Pulled straight out of the fifties B movies. Hilarious dialogues between the gangster, friend of cop A, and his wife. White suit, white dress, our baby! Heaven.

Don't miss the salute cop A gives to his son. And the tears of the ex wife as she finds out that this true detective was indeed the natural father. Or the way the lovers of the dead cops know that they have died via telepathy and burst out crying.

It's full of all the most topical typical clichés possible. It had me in stictches. Let's hope that at the American Awards for Best comedy True Detective wipes the board.

martes, 13 de octubre de 2015

Our European Fortress

This is not new news. Immigrants have been literally dying to reach our shores for decades. But now, with the Syrian crisis, refugees are once more back in the papers.
I sincerely hope that one day, this short piece, Bellavista, will no longer ring true.